Split is a restaurant and market that give you the opportunity to choose in between stay in a relaxing environment out of the busy city or to keep going offering quality healthy food for both cases.

Chicago show a variaty of restaurants and different type of food. The issue is that all are repetitive and doesn't offer healthy food. Some users around the area are trying or willing to improve their lifestyle through their meals and need a quality restaurant to eat and a market to buy supplies.


Split, give the opportunity as a restaurant to eat different type of healthy meals. It's in downtown Chicago and represent the idea of breaking the conventional restaurants and scape from the busy city, to a comfortable more organic and peaceful space. Also count with a fresh market that offers healthy meals, prepared meals and also to go options for the family.

Ferris State
Design Project Center
Branding / Restaurant experience

The healthier planner
Current archetype include the boomer generation, but with the Current campaign target individuals from ages 18–35 interested in a Healthy Lifestyle. At the same time for those persons that really want a change in their diet and habits to improve performance during their day. What conded to have a lifestyle that aligne with optimal nutrition.

"Chicago traffic is almost as bad as LA traffic. Traffic reports every 10 minutes, I hardly have time to go to lunch and go back to the office."
– Emma Patson