Large classroom sizes prevent students from getting extra help they may need and future teachers struggle finding adequate student teaching jobs to gain experience in their field.


The app connects students needing extra, individualized help and teacher candidates looking for work experience. With this app, teacher candidates, or tutors, will be able to gain experience and work with different student age groups with a focus on learning through collaboration.

Ferris State
Design Project Center
App development

The student
Kelsey Smith

She does not always get extra help that she needs in school and have begun to struggle in some courses.

The professor
Taylor Walker

Her main goal is to get experience teaching children. She also wants compliment her studies getting experience in the areas that she studied and get some credits for her bachelor’s degree.

The parent
Robert James

His main goal is to help his child succeed. He wants to have a way to manage his child’s progress and to see that they are learning.

"I believe it's easier to help my daughter in her homeworks through trending techniques of her generation."
Robert James


Parent/Student app flow

Through the app (Student parent)

Teacher app flow