About me

I’m a passionate graphic designer, that enjoys visual communication, brand identity, illustrations, print & digital design and the big world of marketing and advertising. Working together with clients to make accurate and effective visual translations are my main goals.

I have had the opportunity to increase my design skills for business from one of the best Universities in Peru, USIL. While I studied I created a network with amazing Designers all over South America and learned from their advice and culture. To complement my education I transferred to Ferris State University and continued in the Design Program in a competitive business setting participating in events and working for real clients.

A lot of companies have specific attributes that make up it's essence. My job is to take all those aspects such as history, trajectory, goals, and translate them into visual symbols, working to create visual identity.

I work on fundamental aspects of Ux and Ui utilizing design thinking, and design principles. Also, I convey concepts through the different design elements, tools and knowledge learned from my work experience. With my experience, passion and dedication I know I'll be a valuable employee for any company.

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